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As times change, citizen expectations of government also differ. The Taipei City Revenue Service voluntarily transformed the traditional policy of "tax administration" into "taxation service", in order to provide taxpayers with more convenient, efficient, considerate and faster services to enhance customer satisfaction. We believe that paying tax is obligatory and it is the customers' right to reduce taxes accordingly. It is also TRS's duty to proactively initiate tax refunds.

To broaden a superior taxation environment, TRS has proceeded with a many-faceted taxation service. Our intention is to execute and achieve the provisional goal of having the best service, with excellent quality and high efficiency.Our plan is to make taxation services consistent with trends in society by "breaking away from tradition, reverse consideration, saving time and effort, as well as continually improving" and innovating new ways to assist people with the payment of taxes according to law and provide them with more convenient and considerate services. It is our sincere hope that we can provide new services to attain substantial achievements and reduce public enmity, with the ultimate goal of creating a win-win situation between citizens and government.