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Scan the three-segment barcodes to pay taxes
1. Applicable tax items:
  • Vehicle license tax
  • House tax
  • Land value tax
  • Land value incremental tax
  • Stamp tax
  • Deed tax
  • Amusement tax
  • Not including self-tax payment through web declaration and overdue cases such as enforcement referral cases, penalties cases, collective payment of stamp tax, and self-declaration and payment of amusement tax.
2. Application period
  • Within due day of the payment slip
  • Payment slip issued within the day can only be paid by converting it to pay.taipei platform.
3. Payment methods:
  • Download taxpayer app (Taipei Fubon, JKO Pay, Bee Pay, O’Pay, GAMA Pay) which supports pay.taipei on your mobile device, and register as a member of the payment app and bind the payment method. Then click tax payment and scan the three-segment barcodes on the tax bill. Follow the screen instruction and select the payment tool (credit card, etc.) to process online tax payment.
  • You can also install pay.taipei platform app. Select "pay local tax" on pay.taipei tax payment screen. After scanning the three-segment barcodes on the tax bill, select the payment app (please register as a member of the payment app first and bind the payment method.) for online tax payment process.
  • If you need to check your payment history on pay.taipei platform, please join "Taipei Card" member and log in first.
4. Download smart payment platforms:  
Scan QR code to pay tax
1. Applicable tax items (local taxes):
Periodic vehicle license tax, house tax, and land value tax
2. Application period:
  • 2 days after payment due day before 24:00
  • Applicable to extension cases on periodical house tax, land value tax, and vehicle license tax. Not applicable to late payment with overdue fine.
3.  Payment methods:
  • Download mobile payment app for taxpayers on your mobile device. Choose the tax you want to pay and scan the QR-Code on your tax bill. Pay tax by credit card, debit card, or transfer payment by your current account.
  • Currently available mobile payment taxpayer app:
Taiwan Mobile Payment
T wallet
i payment
mobile internet banking apps from the eight major public banks: Land Bank, Taiwan Cooperative Bank, First Bank, Hua Nan Bank, Chang Hwa Bank, Mega Bank, Taiwan Business Bank, and Bank of Taiwan.
Note: For tax paid by credit card, please contact the issuing bank for handling charge.