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Scan the three-segment barcodes to pay taxes
1. Applicable tax items:
  • Vehicle license tax
  • House tax
  • Land value tax
  • Land value incremental tax
  • Stamp tax (payment slip issued by over-the-counter service)
  • Deed tax
  • Amusement tax(assessed)
  • Not including enforcement referral cases, penalty cases, self-tax payment cases through web declaration on collective stamp tax or amusement tax, etc.
2. Applicable period
  • Within 3 days after due date before midnight. Not applicable to overdue cases with penalty.
  • Payment slip issued within the day can only be paid by converting it to pay.taipei platform.
3. Payment methods:
  • Download taxpayer app (Taipei Fubon, JKO Pay, Bee Pay, O’Pay, GAMA Pay, Parkinglot app, Autopass app or ezPay or Easy Wallet,Pi Wallet,or friDay Wallet) which supports pay.taipei on your mobile device. Register as a member of the payment app and bind the payment method. Then click tax payment and scan the three-segment barcodes on the tax bill. Follow the screen instructions and select the payment tool (credit card, etc.) to proceed online tax payment.
  • You can also install TaipeiPASS app. Select "payment statement/local tax" on pay.taipei tax payment screen or bill screen. After scanning the three-segment barcodes on the tax bill, select the payment app (please register as a member of the payment app first and bind the payment method.) for online tax payment process.
  • If you need to check your payment records on pay.taipei platform, please join "TaipeiPASS" member and log in first.
Scan QR code to pay tax
I. Tax payment via e-payment account
1. Applicable tax items (local taxes):
Vehicle license tax, house tax, land value tax, land value increment tax, deed tax, and tax penalties.
2. Tax payment note:
  • Taxpayers need not pay for the handling fee
  • Please inquire your e-payment institution about the upper limit for tax paid via e-payment account.
  • Not applicable for overdue cases.
  • Not revocable or amendable once the transaction is completed.
Note: Each e-payment institution’s on-line schedule depends on its participation calendar at the tax payment operation.
II. App by mobile payment tool’s institutions
  1. Applicable tax items (local taxes):
    Vehicle license tax, house tax, land value tax, land value increment tax, deed tax, and tax penalties.
2. Applicable period:
  • Up to 3 days after payment due date until 24:00. Not applicable to cases with overdue fine.
  • Applicable to extension cases on periodic house tax, land value tax, and vehicle license tax. Not applicable to late payment with overdue fine.
3.  Payment methods:
  • Download a mobile payment taxpayer app. Choose the tax you want to pay and scan the QR Code on your tax bill. Pay tax by credit card, debit card, or transfer payment from your current account.
  • Currently available mobile payment taxpayer app:
Taiwan Mobile Payment
mobile banking apps: Land Bank, Taiwan Cooperative Bank, First Bank, Hua Nan Bank, Chang Hwa Bank, Mega Bank, Taiwan Business Bank, Bank of Taiwan, i- payment, Home Bank, BOK e-banking, COTA mobile plus, E. Wallet,Tai Shin mobile bank, Yuanta Bank Account Link, and DACARD APP (Bank SinoPac),iLEO (First Bank), and Richard (Taishin International Bank).
Note: For tax paid by credit card, please contact the issuing bank for handling charge.